The Overlooked Emotion of Customer-Obsessed Marketing: Relief.


We don’t always like to admit it but we’re all emotional creatures. Emotions are wonderful. And tough sometimes. Just like life. And whilst we all like to feel independent and that we’ve got everything under control, we also want to feel that someone’s got our backs. That’s why tapping into a sense of relief is a powerful way to genuinely uplift your audience, that also makes excellent commercial sense.

What is relief? It’s reassurance after concern. Relaxation after tension. The ok after the fear. It’s the welcome palette cleanser after the storm that powers us up to face the next chapter.

Let’s take a look at three examples of this powerful emotion:

  1. Relief from the challenges of life.
    Life is profoundly beautiful but it does come with its challenges. How else would we grow? Sometimes though we all need a respite from challenge to recentre and come back to our true selves. A perfect illustration of this is play. As adults; remembering the incredible power of play leads to a liberating sense of reprieve. How can you offer a playful perspective or experience to your audience?

  2. Relief from knowing you're not the only one.
    It’s so easy to feel like we’re the only one who’s hurting or anxious or unsure. But the truth is that anything we experience is experienced by many others - if not everyone! When we, as marketers, offer a platform such as a community or openness around a vulnerable topic we let people know that they’re not the only one striving. It doesn’t have to be heavy - uplifting is nearly always the way to go.

  3. Relief that arises from a resolved issue.
    The comfort of knowing that we can shift something unwanted into something wanted is immense. Companies often resolve issues via their product but if they can back that up with solutions that are not related to the product as well they create a deep emotional connection. Relief from a product that works is great but that’s what we expect when we pay for something. By going the extra mile and creating a feeling of being taken care of outside of the product it shows that you genuinely care and that creates a whole new level of trust and respect.

The emotion of relief is powerful. Relief = freedom. And we all desire freedom.

Sophie Thomas