Lateral Brand Stance. Resonate Deeply by Ditching Talking About Your Product & Doing This Instead.


There’s a vital part of leading edge marketing that I’ve dubbed the ‘lateral brand stance’. This is when a brand ditches the constant chatter about their products (the monologue) and instead takes a really good look at their audience, thinks laterally to find the topic that matters most to the customer, and facilitates a conversation about that (a dialogue).

Speak To The Heart

Nike has a lateral brand stance. If you follow their Facebook feeds they don't just show product - they show their lateral brand stance which is centered around motivation and victory. It works perfectly for them - Nike is the Goddess of victory and their products enable wearers to become champions. They share moving stories from athletes of triumph over challenge, and sentiments that show the reader that they believe in their potential to shine.

At BornGloryUs, we take the lateral brand stance even further so that it has a deeper impact to the heart, across channels and campaigns.

Make It About Them

‘Lateral brand stances’ may have a positive impact because they’re shining a light on issues that really do matter - both on an individual and global basis - but they’re only currently being leveraged by big brands some of which have questionable ethics. Meanwhile nearly all truly positive, purposeful or ethical brands, who really do have the right to talk about a brighter future, haven’t yet found their ‘lateral brand stance’, and therefore the key that will unlock far greater brand awareness, engagement and loyalty. Nearly all of them are still talking about their products and their story.

This is a new era for the consumer and brand dynamic. It’s an era of values, choice and empowerment. It's also a time when operating at an emotional level is crucially important.

Naturally, we buy into brands that say ‘I know you, I agree with you, and I’m here to guide us to a happier outcome’, giving us that sense of no longer being alone with our personal challenges and opportunities. 

Ask Meaningful Questions

Consumers seek meaningful exchanges from brands, here are just four of the questions we ask when surveying client's customers:

  • What are your hidden fears and highest hopes?
  • What challenges are you overcoming in order to succeed in your life?
  • What solution would bring ease?
  • What makes you feel good, what would inspire and excite?

Who's The Hero?

What I know for sure is that when your communications place the customer as the hero, you build your brand. And that’s when a profound shift happens and you can stop chasing, and start receiving, the brand love that your brand deserves. It's a 180 but the most important change you can make.